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How we work

how we work

Our model is all about you. Whenever you need us, we’re here to help you reach new audiences, connect with other businesses and transform your marketing efforts (among other things.) Born in Shoreditch, this walk-in, pay-by-the-hour digital and marketing service is the first of its kind - anyone can simply book online and work side by side with specialists, without the fuss or extortionate fees of a traditional agency.

how we work

Book In

Get the ball rolling when you book a free consultation with our marketing strategy team. Alternatively, just call for a chat or stop by to discuss how we can help bring your project to life.

Side by Side

Tired of back-and-forth emails that never seem to go anywhere? We’ll work alongside you throughout the project, making changes in real time so nothing gets lost in translation.

Pay by the hour

We work with an hourly fee in mind, but only charge for the exact minutes we spend working on your project. So if we’ve only worked on your project for half an hour, you’ll only pay for half an hour. Simple.

Job Done

that’s all there is to it. what you do next is up to you (but we’re here if you need us)



Per hour, per specialist (exc. VAT)

Progress with work as and when you need with our by-the-hour payment model.



Per hour, per specialist (exc. VAT)

Payments by-the-hour are invoiced monthly via account among other added benefits.

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Want to keep tabs on your project? Check in on the progress of your work, access your invoices, view documents, book new appointments and more on the Buzzbar App.

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