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How we’ll work together

how we work

We’re here to help you reach new audiences, connect with other businesses and transform your marketing efforts. We’ll work side-by-side with you over Zoom and get you where you need to be.

Book In

However you book in (website, app, email or call), simply choose a time that suits your availability and get going with a member of the marketing strategy team.

Side by Side

We’ll work virtually alongside you throughout the project, making changes in real-time so nothing gets lost in translation.

Pay by the hour

We charge for the exact minutes we spend working on your project. So if we’ve only worked on your project for half an hour, you’ll only pay for half an hour. Simple.

Job Done

That’s all there is to it. What you work on next is up to you (but we’re here if you need us).



Per hour, per specialist (exc. VAT)

Any service, by-the-hour payment model.



Per hour, per specialist (exc. VAT)

Monthly invoices and additional benefits like custom Slack channel and dedicated account lead and more benefits, still by-the-hour.

First 30 minutes free

Your first 30 minutes are on us but they’re all about you. Book a time with a Marketing Strategist to talk about your business objectives over Zoom or by phone. We can help with strategy, graphics, social, digital copy, front/back-end development and have procedures for remote photography and video too.

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