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How to win, not fight in 2020 - Si-Fu Julian Hitch

10 Mar 2020 6.30 pm

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How to win, not fight in 2020 -  Si-Fu Julian Hitch

A unique night with Martial arts master, author, speaker, and business consultant Julian Hitch. Q&A, demonstrations and AMA

Si-Fu Julian Hitch will discuss themes in and around his new book ‘Winning Not Fighting’. Want to know why the future is focus and power, not dominance? Sign up below. You’ll have the opportunity to ask Julian questions and also try out Wing Tsun Kung Fu (yes, you’ll be joining in).

What the evening includes:

- Drinks/Nibbles

- Casual networking (focus on ‘casual’...)

- ‘Winning Not Fighting’ talk with Julian Hitch (mini Q&A with Buzzbar's Paul Armstrong)

- A practical crash-course in Wing Tsun

- Tea ceremony with Grass People Tree

- Book signing for book bringers/buyers!

More about Winning Not Fighting

“A wondrous book built around the collision of two deeply implausible bedfellows: Eastern martial arts and modern business culture. But what may sound like an unlikely pairing in fact yields a host of the most eye-opening ideas that won't fail to intrigue anyone with an interest in a more mindful, purpose-driven and humane business world. Not least, the humanity and vulnerability of the authors shine through and make this a touching as well as inspiring read.” Alain de Botton, Philosopher and bestselling author of The Course of Love. [AMAZON]

More About Sifu Julian Hitch

Julian Hitch is one of Europe's foremost masters in the ancient Chinese martial art of Wing Tsun and has travelled the world practising and teaching Wing Tsun. He is an experienced consultant, applying the principles of the martial art to achieve business success. He works closely with a number of companies, including Leon Restaurants, where he is the Director of Wellbeing. A qualified barrister, he also guides his own Kwoon (school of martial arts) in London and is an expert in close quarter combat, training elite military and close protection personnel.

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