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How to apply behavioural economics to your business - Richard Chataway

19 Mar 2020 6.30 pm

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How to apply behavioural economics to your business - Richard Chataway

If you're in business you'll want to come to this unique talk and AMA session with one of the UK's leading behavioural economics experts!

Find out how to practically apply the latest understanding of how – and why - people do what they do. You’ll have the opportunity to ask Richard questions and find out how to apply behavioural science to help your start-up succeed – and grow

Your £15 ticket includes all this and more:

- A signed copy of 'The Behaviour Business'

- Drinks/Nibbles

- Access to ‘The Behaviour Business’ talk with Richard Chataway

- Access to the AMA session and / hard Q&A with Buzzbar's Paul Armstrong

- 30-minute consultation with Buzzbar (booked after event!)

About 'The Behaviour Business'

"To make decisions while effectively ignoring psychological or perceptual factors is disastrous for business decision-making. It will take time to redress the balance – but thanks to books like this it is starting to happen." – Rory Sutherland, TED Talk superstar and vice-chairman of Ogilvy Group UK

“Brilliantly inspiring - with his warm, witty approach Richard Chataway shows practical ways for businesses to go from hearing about behavioural science to actually profiting from it.” - Bruce Daisley, author of Sunday Times bestseller The Joy of Work, and host of the #1 business podcast Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat

About Richard Chataway

Richard Chataway is Vice President of BVA Nudge Unit UK and founder of Communication Science Group (CSG), and one of the most experienced behavioural science practitioners in the UK. He has worked in senior strategic roles for government in Australia and the UK, and for the four largest advertising agency groups, addressing behavioural challenges as varied as getting people to stop smoking, join the armed forces, drink spirits rather than wine, prevent domestic violence, pay for university tuition, submit their taxes, buy flatpack furniture, and take public transport – to name a few.

He has advised clients including Lloyds Banking Group, Google, Atos, IKEA and Unilever – and conducted training for call-centre personnel, marketing directors, sales teams, creatives, and everything in between.

Richard is a frequent conference speaker and board member of the Association for Business Psychology, the industry body that is the home and voice of business psychology in the UK.

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